Sergio Fernández: “We are satisfied with the market”

first_imgAsked about the team’s progress this season, Sergio Fernández stressed that “the perspective of reality regarding the team performance”but admitted that this year has been reflected in some games “the image” of what he would like the Alaves He clarified that “this is a game and there are people”, to which he added that the fact of each year have to be renewed “needs your time and balance.”Fernandez reviewed the news of the team and made “positive balance” of the winter market because arrivals have improved the team and have balanced “the team at budget level”.At the same time, had words of thanks to Dani Torres and John Guidetti for his behavior despite not having many opportunities“It was ruled out to bring one more forward, we do not consider it necessary and it also meant putting the club in a new expense for three months, “he argued Fernández on the club’s decision in this market, in which ditch that “there were no real offers” by prominent team players, although he admitted that “it would have been a setback lose some player of this kind”.“The market in Spain has acquired economic parameters that they are difficult to face for Alavés and the opportunities of January they are subject to the low performance or complications of some players in their clubs, “said the coach.On the other hand, although in Barcelona it has come to the fore the name of Lucas Pérez to replace the injured Ousmane Demebelé, Sergio Fernández said he is not afraid that Lucas can leave the team.He confirmed that there is no purchase option with any player assigned in the current template and explained, instead, that John Guidetti and Antonio Sivera do have the option to stay in their current clubs, Hannover and Almeria, respectively.In another vein, warned that “next month will mark the kind of anguish “ that will live in the final stretch of the competition and considered that it will be “a vital month” in which they should offer their best version if you do not want to have problems. “If Alavés achieves permanence, Asier Garitano is guaranteed one more year of contract.” They are the words of the Alavés Sports Director, Sergio Fernández, at a working breakfast with the media to analyze the balance of the winter market. About the situation of the team and the competition, said “This month will mark where we will be and we have to offer our best version if we don’t want to have problems in the future. “Reading the team’s progress, he said that “In some games I would lie if I said that I liked what I have seen reflected in some games of Deportivo Alavés. But we must bear in mind that we have changed many players and coach and that we have to adapt to the new model. “The team is now with a six-point mattress with respect to the relegation positions.The appointment was called to analyze the market balance for the month of January. “We make a great effort, we are not a club. Our idea is always to have the most competitive staff possible and maintain the pillars of the team. Pacheco, Laguardia or Pina are still here and then efforts are made in open markets to bring people like Joselu and Lucas like last summer. We are the fifth humblest budget in the category “he added.Of the exits he observed that “the sale of Wakaso has helped us to reach a type of players that, otherwise, would not have been possible. Guidetti will have minutes in Germany and we hope he can show his level. Sivera asked to leave and you have to understand. We think that they have been good operations “, I observe.Regarding the entries, Sergio Fernández concluded that “the first thing we try is to ensure reinforcements in the positions we need but it is difficult because it does not depend only on us but of the intentions of other clubs. This is an awkward market for clubs like ours and some operations we would have liked to do before. The winter market is valued positively because I think that with the arrivals we have improved. At the level of wage burden we have balanced the budget level and that is why we are happy. “Garitano has a clause to continue if Alavés achieves permanenceThe sports director of Alavés, Sergio Fernández revealed on Wednesday that Asier Garitano has in his contract “a clause to continue” in front of the team, in case the albiazules achieve permanence.In an informative meeting with the media, the person in charge of the signings of the babazorro box, said they are “satisfied” with the Gipuzkoan technician “for his involvement and for his knowledge”, but he clarified that, “sometimes things don’t go as expected”, what added that in the profession they are “slaves of the results”. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 5, 2020last_img

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