The five session of the fifteen National People’s Congress held in January next year

December 23rd, the fifteen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee held its Sixteenth Meeting, the meeting decided: the Xining Municipal People’s Congress on the fifth session of the meeting on January 4, 2014 to 6.

meeting examined and adopted the "Xining Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee on the convening of the fifteenth Xining Municipal People’s Congress decided at the fifth session of the fifteen Congress," the five meeting of the fifteen National People’s Congress proposed agenda, the five meeting of the Presidium and secretary general recommended list, fifteen of the five National People’s Congress to attend the meeting the list of persons; consideration by the Municipal People’s Congress on behalf of the qualification review committee report, on behalf of the eligibility review by election of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress on the confirmation of the meeting of directors permission fifteen National People’s Congress on behalf of Han Shenglong’s decision to take coercive measures; discuss the revised "report on the work of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress (Draft)", the election of a representative the city of Xining to attend the twelve Qinghai Provincial People’s congress. read more

Xining agriculture and animal husbandry industrial cluster output value exceeded 4 billion 500 milli

to "service city, wealthy farmers" as the goal, constantly improve the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure in the process of leading enterprises in Xining City, the annual output value has exceeded 4 billion 500 million yuan, driven more than 250 thousand households, the characteristic agricultural industrialization clusters become a powerful driving force for regional economic development.

last December 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry, as of now, more than 32 leading enterprises in Xining has reached more than 146, of which, the national level of 8, the provincial level, municipal level 106. Based on the Xining City 1 million 400 thousand acres of dominant crops leading enterprises last year for the city residents and the surrounding areas to provide 580 thousand tons of vegetables, 70 thousand tons of meat products, 100 thousand tons of dairy products, the city built 103 breeding base, become the supply of the city life and the development of "energy source". read more

The city’s leading cadres to listen to the law lecture

September 16th, municipal center held a group will expand the study director Dr., the Central Party School of constitutional and Administrative Law Department invited tutor Professor Fu Siming, "promoting the rule of law and the rule of China" seminar. Professor Fu Siming is a doctor of law, Peking University, Renmin University of China. He has long been engaged in legal research and teaching, and his main research interests include constitutional law, administrative law and emergency response law. In the lecture, Professor Fu Siming from the basic requirements of the law, this paper elaborates the problems form the rule of law, the essence of the rule of law, rule of law, human rights protection program, and through the case study, which is how to improve the awareness of the rule of law, rule of law leading cadres thinking ability, how public officials loyal to deeply explain the leading cadres should. It is of great significance for the city to promote the rule of law and the construction of a society ruled by law. Meeting the requirements of the various departments must earnestly study and implement the spirit of the party’s general secretary Xi Jinping eighteen and a series of important speech, to further promote the leading cadres to study law usage, to further improve the leading cadres at all levels of legal concept and legal quality, improve decision-making in accordance with law, administrative ability level, better use of the rule of law and the rule of thinking deepen reform, resolve conflicts and maintain stability, and constantly promote the healthy development of various undertakings in Xining.   read more

Xining City Federation of industry and commerce to support private enterprises

Reporter recently learned from the Xining Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, the first half of 2012 will sum up the work of the first half of this year, the City Federation of industry and Commerce in the correct leadership of the municipal government as a positive, to support private enterprises in our city, the healthy and orderly development.

since the start of the year, the City Federation of industry and commerce to optimize the development environment of private economy and other issues, in-depth Xining chamber of Commerce and the grass-roots enterprises, earnestly carry out research, drafting the "report" report of the development of private economy in Xining 2011, the municipal government leadership attention. In order to make our city more private entrepreneurs can grasp the direction of economic operation, City Federation of industry and commerce also invited the provincial development and Reform Commission of experts, on the operation of the province’s economic situation and key projects of lectures, and successfully held the first overseas private entrepreneur training courses, accumulated valuable experience for the further deepening and expanding overseas training. In early June, the City Federation of industry and commerce also organized a visit to the city’s private enterprises to exchange experience with the introduction of new environmentally friendly wall materials, both to promote the new energy-saving materials, but also to the participants of the enterprise responsible for the growth of knowledge. The City Federation of industry and Commerce and the provincial and municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau and other units jointly organized the private enterprise recruitment Week activities for college graduates and various types of personnel to build a platform for employment. (author: 1) read more

Xining City the Department of supervision and supervision of the implementation of illegal punishme

To further change the functions of supervision and law enforcement, and continuously improve the ability and level of the basic law, Xining Municipal Health Bureau health authority where the previous law enforcement work, on the day before the establishment and began to implement the health supervision and law enforcement system of interviews.

it is understood that the city health supervision system of law enforcement in the implementation of interviews content is based on the health laws and regulations, supervision and inspection of food hygiene, cosmetics, public places, occupation, radiation, schools, medical institutions, units and the parties concerned are clear violations of the law to make administrative punishment cases, may cause greater social impact and host health supervision staff that need to interview the case. Law enforcement officers offer Party interview, the "notice" to the party to be served before the interview, inform the interviews of the time and place, the required data, interviews to form signed records and issued a "health supervision opinion", after the interview in accordance with the rectification period and requirements for review, the rectification in place or eliminate the bad effects. According to the law leniently or exempt from punishment, refuses to rectification, the rectification is not in place, severely punished according to law, does not comply with the "notice" requirements for interviews, the implementation of administrative punishment according to law. read more

Xining city window units service standards have a Yinggang gang

in order to strengthen the construction of Xining City e-government system, optimize the public service safeguard function, improve administrative efficiency, improve service quality, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection recently formulated the "opinions" about carrying out the standardization work in the service window units, to carry out service standardization construction work in the city window unit.

views the implementation of work responsibilities, work requirements and fulfill the Shouwenfuze system, disposable inform system, time limit system and service promise system to meet the requirements of the masses service needs and business characteristics of the standard. Public service standards include open basis, open content, open range, open forms, open procedures, open time, public responsibility and public scrutiny of transparent power operation, convenient masses and supervision standards; service management standards including attendance, job responsibilities, business learning and training management, assessment, security and logistical support organization operation management matters standards; service supervision standards include post power restriction, honest and norms, legal responsibility, daily supervision and inspection, complaint channels, complaints reply, accountability and strengthen the supervision of service standards; to create a standard including the creation of service brand extension and optimize service processes, service, service brand the promotion of the standard. read more


friends of the general public:

today, when you enjoy the fruits of civilization of Xining’s economic and social development, when you revel in the Xining blue sky, clear Huangshui, you know the land of our upbringing, is facing a severe test, environmental air pollution, water quality has not been reversed…… Drink clean water, breathe fresh air, living in a healthy environment, is the fundamental needs of the general public, but also the persistent pursuit of the municipal government. read more

Zhang Jianmin meets with CDB vice president Zhou Qingyu

10 24, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin met CDB Party committee, deputy governor Zhou Qingyu and his party, to further strengthen cooperation between the province and CDB held talks.

Zhang Jianmin on behalf of the provincial government welcomed the Zhou Qingyu green line to visit the CDB long-term support for economic and social development in Qinghai, especially in infrastructure construction, the development of special industries and improving people’s livelihood and other areas of support thanks. Zhang Jianmin said, "13th Five-Year" Qinghai is the critical period of building a moderately prosperous society, our province will be built around the goal of a well-off society and the national synchronized, further strengthen infrastructure construction, ecological environmental protection, poverty alleviation and development of strategic emerging industries, innovation driven development efforts, and promote the supply side structural reform, and promote the sustained and healthy development of economy society. Bank of China hopes to continue to play the advantages of the development of financial services, strengthen cooperation in key projects docking. Qinghai will continue to support CDB in the development of green business. read more

This 12 when the highway is no longer issuing

The Ministry of transport in October 3rd to the National Day holiday toll free policy to deal with the late peak return relevant work issued an emergency notice, decided since October 4th at 12 noon, take no longer issuing measures the free policy in accordance with the following seven minibuses and, direct lift lever release.

Transportation Ministry spokesman He Jianzhong said here, this is an emergency notice for the national holiday network operation and the problems reflected by, the purpose is to better cope with the coming of the peak passenger flow return. The notice requires all transportation departments should promptly notify the charge management unit to implement. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of commerce actively organize enterprises to stabilize the price of pharmace

According to the Xining municipal government on the protection of market supply and stabilize the market price of the work requirements, in our pharmaceutical market situation, the Xining Municipal Bureau of commerce actively organize the nine Qinghai Kang Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., in 7 chain stores to carry out medical work to stabilize commodity prices

according to the Xining municipal government on the protection of market supply and stabilize the market price of the work requirements, in our pharmaceutical market situation, the Xining Municipal Bureau of commerce actively organize the nine Qinghai Kang Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., in 7 chain stores to carry out medical work to stabilize commodity prices. read more

The city will accept public exams tomorrow

In June 13th, sponsored by the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau report to the people, please review the people "live second field activities will be held in Xining television studio hall, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau will accept the" spicy "public exams, 68 Council representatives from all walks of life will be carried out on-site assessment scoring for the participating units and government sectors the construction of morals, and the results announced on the spot. read more

The province will cancel the medical insurance designated medical institutions qualification matters

recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "access evaluation of basic medical insurance designated medical institutions in Qinghai province (Trial)" way, in the future, the province will cancel the Medicare designated medical institutions qualification matters, change the administrative management mode, and strive to create an open and transparent market environment, and encourage medical institutions to guide the various types of ownership, level and categories of equity participation in the competition. read more

Xining NPC and CPPCC 13th Five Year during the Xining site will further expand

Lake New District built, so that Xining’s "site" increased by 10.7 square kilometers, the future, Xining area will continue to expand. In this year’s two sessions in Xining, Xining’s future development has become the focus of attention of many delegates and members.

this, Xining has come up with programs. It is reported that the "13th Five-Year" period, Xining city will be provided, city, ecological quality and efficiency, improve the financial industry and the people’s livelihood, and standard services, cultural promotion, ahead of qualifying for the overall requirements, to study and solve major problems as the starting point, focusing on global, long-term, to achieve new breakthroughs in urban and rural areas spatial structure, industrial structure, demand structure. read more

Qinghai Tibetan carpet art Beijing show charm

by the industry department of the Ministry of culture, Chinese carpet Association, Beijing international design week, Qinghai province culture and News Publishing Bureau and the Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpets (Group) Co. Ltd, jointly organized by the Beijing general voice Culture Communication Co., the Tibetan dream – Qinghai Handmade Tibetan carpets art exhibition held in Beijing in the near future. Spread, traditional crafts and artistic charm of Tibetan carpet of Qinghai unique to the world, to promote the beauty of the unique culture of Qinghai brand influence.

read more

Qinghai Province in 2015 from outstanding lawyers and scholars with legal professional qualification

15 toll booths revoked!

the government to pay 18 billion 300 million yuan tolls!28 one-way

according to the "People’s Republic of China civil law", "people’s court organization law", "people’s Procuratorate organization law", "civil service recruitment regulations (Trial)" and "Qinghai judicial reform pilot program", "on the outstanding lawyers from legal occupation qualification and other legal scholars in legal occupation personnel recruiting selection of judges the prosecutor of the implementation measures (Trial)" and other relevant provisions, the province in 2015 from the excellent lawyers and legal occupation qualification of legal scholars in recruiting selection of judges prosecutors related matters are announced as follows: read more

Pull out of poverty poverty village kenyinggutou

2015, our province is one of the provinces to enjoy the country’s preferential policies for poverty alleviation; in 2015, the province has come up with an exciting poverty report card: the annual goal of 200 thousand people out of poverty has been successfully completed.

five years, the province invested 9 billion 500 million yuan of special poverty relief funds, to achieve poverty reduction of more than one million people, an annual reduction of about 200000 people, the poverty rate fell from 36.6% to 13.2%. The development ability of the poverty-stricken area increasing in the construction of Industrial Park 18, poverty alleviation industry base 1274, 128 leading enterprises to support poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and industrial cooperatives 203, the implementation of tourism poverty alleviation project in 53 poor villages. Improve infrastructure in poor areas, and vigorously promote the water circuit dispatch housing construction in poor areas, a comprehensive solution to the poor people to safe drinking water and electricity, 208 thousand poor households housing reform, great changes have taken place in poor areas face. Poor areas of social undertakings have developed rapidly, poor areas of school conditions continue to improve, nine years of compulsory education consolidation rate of up to 93%, poor students enrolled in secondary vocational school students are exempt from tuition and fees. The rate of medical insurance for urban and rural residents in poor areas reached 98%.

"13th Five-Year" period, the poverty alleviation work entered the final stage, kenyinggutou crucial pull village. I issued a strong voice: at present, the province’s poverty alleviation has been put on a more prominent position, our province has a good basis for the work of poverty population is relatively small, the difficulty of mass poverty desire, poverty alleviation funds security, poverty alleviation, as long as the idea of effective measures, further innovation mechanism, I the province can be a year ahead of schedule to achieve the overall poverty, then using a year’s time to consolidate and improve, in order to effectively complete the proposed by the central government poverty alleviation goals, as a whole in 2020 with the national synchronized building a well-off society and create necessary conditions.

five years

– invested special poverty relief funds 9 billion 500 million yuan

– to achieve poverty reduction of more than one million people, an average of about 200000 poverty reduction

– the poverty rate fell from 36.6% to 13.2%

– nine year compulsory education consolidation rate of 93%, the school poor students tuition and fees from all

– poor areas of medical insurance for urban and rural residents reached 98%

– 208 thousand poor rural households housing renovation

"13th Five-Year" target: one year ahead of schedule to achieve the overall poverty read more

Three key six tasks of comprehensive health care reform in our province in the deep water waves

[open bar]

2016 is the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan at the beginning of the year, our province is to further promote the comprehensive reform pilot of the key to the comprehensive, in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, adhere to the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, accurate grasp of the provincial government on the province’s major decisions and plans of comprehensive health care reform objectives and requirements, to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion for the province’s comprehensive reform smoothly this Guozihao reform in an orderly way, from now on, the newspaper will open "comprehensive health care reform to tackle the" column, launched the Province’s comprehensive medical reform series pilot work report. Please pay attention. read more

To achieve sustained and steady growth in income

this year, after continued efforts of trade union organizations at all levels in our city, through the implementation of collective bargaining, the wage income of workers to achieve sustained and steady growth, effect of collective wage negotiation in the enterprise and the staff is constantly expanding, the collective wage consultation makes enterprise more harmonious and stable labor relations.
it is reported that this year, the non-public enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city, the majority, district and county business service industry is relatively developed, trade unions have yet to achieve full coverage of the actual implementation of the strategy, the Municipal Federation of trade unions take regional and industrial enterprises, the collective wage negotiation of three levels and three form step by step. First in the various industrial parks and towns, street level regional wage collective consultation, the signing of a regional wage collective contract. Secondly, in a wide range of economic organizations, the distribution of industrial enterprises in the same industry, industrial parks, towns, streets in the region to carry out collective wage negotiations, signed a collective wage contract industry. Again, in different regions and different industries to carry out a comprehensive regional and industrial collective wage negotiations, the signing of regional and industrial collective wage contract, all enterprises in various regions according to their own actual, signed a contract for collective wage.
the collective wage negotiation is a basic form of adjustment of wage distribution system under the condition of market economy, but also an important means to promote the harmonious development of enterprises and employees to solve the most direct and most concern and realistic interest problems. Union official told reporters, this work is to safeguard the core interests of the masses of workers in the right to speak on the wage distribution, through both enterprises and trade unions represent the workers on an equal footing, the wage income of workers at a reasonable level, but also to maintain a reasonable growth. read more

The first auction of state owned assets shops lease

February 6th, the city held the first auction of state-owned assets leasing right, the municipal administrative institutions of nearly 7000 square meters of shops to the public auction open for leasing, turnover amounted to 6 million 357 thousand yuan, which is another innovation in our city to walk in the forefront of the province’s state city state-owned assets management mode,.

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