Developments in Development Are we happy yet

first_imgLet’s have a brief sojourn into the world of sale prices too: Socketsite notes that this glass house dropped $1 million in asking price, putting it just inside what I imagine is standard going price for a stack of giant marble shoe boxes. I wonder if that asking price includes curtains.Here’s something new: Dandelion Chocolate apparently is hoping to add a multi story construction next door to its space on 16th Street. With a rooftop pool. So says Socketsite, which also notes that the plan is to connect 14,000 square feet of PDR space in the new building to the existing space in the Dandelion building, and add 13,000 square feet of office space.Lastly: Brace yourselves, because ads parodying the passive aggressive Airbnb ads of yesteryear are coming to a bus stop near you. ShareBetterSF, the political group that has long advocated and lobbied for tighter regulations on short term rentals, has shelled out $51,000 to pay for space on Muni. The new ads that emulate the infamous ones the homesharing company rolled out to oppose a ballot measure that would have added restrictions to short term rentals. The new ads include gems like, “Dear Airbnb: You told us not to spend your tax payments ‘all in one place’ but now you’re making us spend taxpayer money on defending your frivolous lawsuit?” Coupled with our dictionary-weight local ballot and the messiness I’m sure we’ll see at Monday’s presidential debate, this election is gonna be just so much fun. San Francisco’s renters are giving the city top marks – in everything except affordability, of course, where they give it the equivalent of blowing a raspberry. That’s according to a renter satisfaction survey from Apartment List. Interestingly, the other thing renters in the survey were particularly unhappy with is the quality of schools. Also surprising: Respondents were more or less happy with commute time, but find the city pet-unfriendly.The highest scoring area on that survey was “job opportunities” – perhaps reflective of the fact that employment is at an incredible high, according to SocketSite. Median rents  continue to not move much, putting more or less everything outside the grasp of people earning reasonable salaries. One heat map has the Mission’s median rent for a one-bedroom at $3,420 a month. Remember, though, that these are medians and vary from realtor to realtor – a quick Craigslist browse indicates that you can still get one-bedrooms for $2,800 or so in the neighborhood, and maybe $3,400 is more of a two-bedroom apartment. So rejoice! Then talk to your friends/family/etc in pretty much anywhere else in the U.S. besides Manhattan and have your weekly internal crisis about living here. What, you don’t have those? Just me? Alright alright…   0%center_img Tags: Airbnb • development • Developments in Development • housing • rent Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Teens accused of causing 15 million worth of damage to Sneads Ferry

first_img Investigators say a large part of the property damage comes from water damage caused when a main water valve that had been opened.The investigation included Crime Stoppers tips, which led to the arrest of four teens.On Monday, deputies arrested Holian Yvonne Houseweart, 16, of Turkey Point Road in Sneads Ferry, Christian Ray Deel, 18, of Watts Landing in Hampstead and Matthew Scheffler, 18, of Lea Crest Lane in Hampstead.Related Article: Body found in Sunset Beach golf course pond believed to be missing manThey are charged with the following:Class F Felonious Injury to Real PropertyFelony Breaking and Entering to a BuildingFelony Conspire to Break and Enter a BuildingMisdemeanor Contributing to the Delinquency of a MinorThey were each placed under a $60,000.00 unsecured appearance bond.A fourth person, a minor under the age of 16, is also charged. ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two Hampstead teens and two others are accused of causing more than $1.5 million worth of damage at a hotel under construction in Sneads Ferry.The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office says on August 1, deputies responded to 1248 Hwy 210 for a report of vandalism at the site of a Hampton Inn. The hotel is currently under construction.- Advertisement – last_img read more

First ever Veterans Day Parade coming to downtown Wilmington

first_img Everyone is from South East North Carolina and beyond is invited to attend.It starts at 9:30 Saturday morning in the CFCC parking lot, and will proceed down Front Street, turn left on Orange St., and end at the USO where refreshments will be provided for parade participants.The parade will be followed by the annual commemorative service held at the National Cemetery on Market St.Related Article: WPD: graffiti artist known as “Creator” arrestedThe parade is sanctioned by the New Hanover County Veterans Council.For information on how the parade will impact downtown Wilmington traffic, click here.To learn more about the parade and how the idea began, click here. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Veterans will be honored this weekend in downtown Wilmington in a first of its kind event in the area.The Southeast North Carolina Veterans Day Parade will include veterans, veterans groups, veterans support groups, high school marching bands, ROTC units, and first responders.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Brunswick County emergency responders hold active shooter drill

first_imgBOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County School District and emergency responders teamed up Thursday morning to train for an active shooter.Law enforcement agencies from around Brunswick County came to South Brunswick High School in Boiling Spring Lakes for an active shooter drill. Their main goal was communication, because in an active shooter situation, responders may only have seconds to act.- Advertisement – When everyone else runs out, emergency responders go in. Their reaction can be the difference between life and death.“All you have to do is look at what has happened in Parkland, Columbine. Look at Newtown,” said Superintendent Les Tubb.Tubb hopes he never has to see ones of those scenes in Brunswick County.Related Article: WWAY 5th Quarter Aug. 24, 2018More than 100 volunteers participated in the real-time drill, acting as the victims of an active shooter.“It’s not a one-man or one-agency show. It’s multiple agencies and entities responding to make sure that we, again, address the issue that’s occurring as well as provide aid to the injured,” said Sheriff John Ingram.Ingram says the different agencies worked on communication under a realistic scenario.“I can tell you that if it were real, it never goes smoothly. However, I can tell you that even if it will not go smoothly, it will go professionally,” said Tubb. “In a drill, what you’re looking for is the after action review. You want to sit down after it’s over and say ‘What did we do right?’ And that’s great. But most importantly, ‘What did we do wrong? And how do we improve on those mistakes?’”Tubb says he wanted people to make mistakes today so the agencies could learn how to improve and and how to best protect students.last_img read more

Police searching for hit and run suspects who allegedly threatened family

first_img The father of the family reportedly said he was in the backyard with his dog when he heard a commotion in the front and went to see what was going on. He said a white male told him he was being dropped off at this location. Police say when the father questioned the unknown man, the others got out of the truck and began arguing. During the fight, the suspects allegedly yelled racist comments and threats at the father and mother. Police say the family’s 10-year-old child was nearby at the time.The driver is described as a tall white male in his late 20s-early 30s with short dark hair. He has a slim build and is about 5’10”-6’ tall. He was also wearing blue jeans shorts without a shirt. The front passenger is described as a short white female with long, dark hair, wearing only undergarments.Police say after about five minutes, the three suspects got back into their truck, quickly backed out of the driveway and hit a vehicle driving north on South Kerr Avenue. The suspects got out of the vehicle for a brief moment before reportedly speeding off and took a right onto Randall Parkway.Related Article: Updated guide to Wilmington’s African American Heritage releasedThe suspect’s vehicle is believed to be a late 90s-mid 2000s pickup truck and likely has damage to its front right passenger side. Police say it could be missing a side view mirror and have damage to the headlight. The truck has a loud muffler system and large mud tires.If you have any information, please contact WPD at (910) 765-0861 or use Text A Tip. Police lights (Photo: MGN Online) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are trying to identify three people involved in a hit and run in late July.Officers responded to the 400 block of South Kerr Avenue around 9:30 p.m. on July 28. A family told WPD that two men and one woman in a dark blue Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck drove into their yard and yelled racial slurs at them before backing into traffic and hitting another vehicle.- Advertisement – last_img read more

New Hanover County considering storm water service

first_img Several meetings will be held at the New Hanover Government Center on Tuesday for people to give input.“We are trying to get that input, we have an idea of some of the things that we’d like to do with the utility, but we really want to hear from them and make sure we’re addressing those needs, and setting it up effectively so if we were to go live with this program next year, we’d be ready to go,” Iannucci said.The county says the fees would most likely be less than what City of Wilmington residents pay for their storm water fees.Meetings will be held in the Human Resources Training Center at the New Hanover County Government Center. 9:00 a.m. is for large landholders and developers, 11:00 a.m. is for non-profits and churches, 2:00 p.m. is for commercial property owners, and 4:00 p.m. is for the general public. Storm water overflow.(Photo: Basil John/WWAY) NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — ​ New Hanover County is considering creating a storm water utility for those living outside the Wilmington city limits. It would mean less responsibility for homeowners, but an additional fee.County engineer James Iannucci says currently, property owners are responsible for maintaining any drainage ditches on their property. If the plan is approved, the county would take over that responsibility with the goal of cutting down on flooding during periods of heavy rain.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Photos Dog owner warns about toxic meat found in Xagħra

first_img SharePrint A dog owner warned fellow dog owners on Facebook about minced meat balls stuffed with toxic snail pellets found in Xagħra. The dog owner said that he took his dog on a usual stroll when the dog came back with the minced meat balls.In his message on Facebook, the man warned those taking their dogs for a walk in Triq Ġnien Irmiek urging caution.The dog escaped unharmed as its owner removed the toxic snail pellets successfully. The owner deplored those behind such acts, reminding them that pets ultimately become family members. <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>center_img WhatsApplast_img read more

Childrens Commissioner should defend lives of preborn children – Doctors For Life / Rene / Rene Asmussen Pro-life advocacy group Doctors for Life, is calling on the Commissioner for Children to defend the lives of pre-born children.The group makes the request based on reports in the media which they say show the Commissioner’s Office, ‘may be seen as wavering in its support of current Maltese Legal protection.’While they support the Commissioner’s remit to implement ‘effective preventive and supportive measures,’ in schools as well as providing support to young mothers, they also reiterate the role’s responsibility to, ‘promote special care and protection, including adequate legal protection, for children both before and after birth,’ under CHAPTER 462 COMMISSIONER FOR CHILDREN ACT article 9(h).For this reason, they want the Commissioner to carry out their role, ‘in defense of the preborn child.’‘Since human life begins at fertilisation, then the preborn child is indeed deserving of the full protection of the law. This is clearly the case here in Malta. It is our intention to ensure that this continues to be so,’ the group states.WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more

Esignatures The complete guide to paperless signing

first_imgAdvertisement Your best-laid plans of going paperless come to a screeching halt when you need to get someone’s signature on a document. That process typically involves printing the document, signing it yourself, faxing it to the other party, and waiting for them to print, sign, and fax it back—where it’s printed yet a third time and filed away in a cabinet forever.It’s an antiquated regimen. It’s busy work. But there is a better way.Electronic signature schemes have become big business. In fact, the e-signing sector is on track to grow north of $5 billion by the end of the decade, according to DocuSign CMO Dustin Grosse. E-signing tools represent a high-tech and much-needed response to the vast inefficiencies of dealing with physical signatures. – Advertisement – While systems vary from provider to provider, the general idea behind them is the same. You upload a document—Word, PDF, or even an image file—to an online service, then tag it with special annotations where signatures eventually need to go. The service sends this marked-up file to your specified recipients, who then “sign” it with a few clicks, either with stock cursive fonts or with a scrawl they draw using their mouse (or a finger, using a tablet) on the fly. When finished, the signed file is sent back to you, mission accomplished.Users are signing e-contracts in droves. EchoSign says it is now processing 1.5 million documents a month, and that number is going up.Is this actually legal?It sure sounds fast and convenient—and it beats the heck out of dealing with registered mail—but are e-signed contracts legal? Will they hold up in court the same way an ink-stained piece of paper will? For the most part, whether you’re a business generating digital documents to be signed, or a consumer signing them with a mouse click, the answer is a definitive yes.The EchoSign setup can record your actual signature with either a mouse or a stylus.The U.S. government actually took the biggest step of resolving the legal issues of e-signatures back in 2000 with the ESIGN Act, which gave electronic signatures the same legal weight as handwritten ones. State law, for the most part, has followed suit in recognizing their validity.As Louisiana attorney Andrew Legrand notes, in that state “in order to constitute an electronic signature, the electronic mark must be 1) made by the person with 2) the intent to sign the record. It’s not much different from a handwritten signature. Essentially, it’s not the actual mark but the meaning behind the mark that’s important.”Are e-signatures good enough for everything? Almost. Legrand says, “The only documents I keep originals of are wills and promissory notes. These are the only two documents that I would be worried about only having digital copies. They’re just too important.”How seriously do the courts take electronic signatures? Says Legrand, “It’s important to recognize that federal judges use digital signatures on all their orders. As you may or may not be aware, these courts are paperless. When a judge ‘signs’ an order, they use PDF software to place an electronic stamp of their signature onto the order. Would the federal courts be using electronic signatures if they thought they carried any less weight than a handwritten signature?”Indeed, most courts have backed that up with rulings that e-signatures are just as legit as ink ones.But who’s doing the signing? Aside from a few key legal documents—if you’re finalizing your prenup you’ll probably want it done on paper—most contracts can be safely dealt with via electronic means. The exception is anything that requires notarization.Indeed, a signature isn’t just a mark that says you agree to the terms of a contract or financial transaction. It also serves to verify your identity—that’s why you have to sign credit card receipts, after all. But in many of these cases, identity isn’t really that big of a deal. In cases where it is—major financial transactions, business operations, or legal filings—a notary is required to ensure that you, the person signing the document, are actually who you claim to be.That’s a problem with e-signing. To date, electronic signature services haven’t come up with a great alternative to the notary, which remains an archaic and time-consuming throwback that will likely be with us for decades to come. For now, in many high-dollar transactions, e-signatures now co-exist with physical ones—and in some cases you’ll find you have to sign a document both ways. Try getting a new home mortgage and you’ll see what I mean.E-signature optionsE-signatures are finding a home on all manner of business documents. From simple service contracts to complex real estate transactions, electronically signed documents are now becoming standard operating procedure.Cheronn Collins, who operates a photo booth rental company in Washington, DC, says she’s used electronic agreements to close 30-plus rentals to date. “Thus far,” she says, “I have not received any negative feedback from my customers.”If you have a document that needs signing, you don’t need to cobble it together on your own. While you technically can send someone a PDF or Word file and ask them to annotate it with a mouse-drawn signature, it may be legal, but it’s a clunky way to get the job done.A variety of cloud-based services have popped up to help you take advantage of the rise in e-signing, making the whole process simple and adding extra features that make contract management easier, and completely online. Many services even offer mobile apps that allow recipients to sign via fingertip on their smartphone or tablet (especially handy for in-person dealings). Pricing may look like it’s all over the place, but most of these services offer a $20-per-user-per-month plan designed to cover small businesses. A basic, five-documents-a-month free trial to get a single user started is also the norm.Here are the major players in e-signing, and here’s how their tools work.DocuSignA major service provider to the real estate industry, Google-backed DocuSign is a straightforward and feature-filled service that any business should find simple. Upload files to DocuSign (DocuSign puts your files in “envelopes” that you can send as a group), then drag and drop signature boxes onto the documents where you want those autographs. DocuSign then emails the documents to the recipients you specify. You can also set reminders that prod your recipients to e-eign, and set documents to expire if they haven’t been signed in a timely fashion. A dashboard lets you keep track of all your outstanding and completed contracts. iOS and Windows 8 tablet versions are available. Plans range from free (very basic service) to $20 per user per month.Signature options for EchoSignAcquired by Adobe in 2011, EchoSign looks and acts a lot like DocuSign, and is comparable to it in most ways. You upload documents, set signature locations (or just specify one signature at the end), and send contracts via email. A simple dashboard lets you track the status of all outgoing and incoming contracts.A couple of interesting features in EchoSign include the ability to incorporate faxed signatures for recipients who prefer to sign by hand, and an extra layer of verification that lets you require the recipient to enter a password you provide or other personal information, such as the last four digits of their Social Security Number. Naturally, integration with various Adobe products makes this an appealing option for PDF-centric shops. iOS and Windows 8 tablet versions are available. Plans range from free (very basic service) to $399 per month.SertifiThis somewhat simpler service isn’t as pretty, but Sertifi has most of the basic features you need in an e-signing system if the two major players above aren’t to your liking. Documents can be signed fully electronically, or printed, signed, and faxed. You won’t find any fancy dashboards here, but files can still be tracked through Sertifi and are archived on the site. Plans range from free (very basic service) to $199 per month.RightSignatureNotable as a somewhat cheaper alternative to the above ($14 a month gets you unlimited sending for a single user instead of the usual $20), RightSignature has all the features of its more expensive counterparts, letting you set field locations for signatures, initials, and dates on complex contracts and specify when contracts expire—though all signatures have to be drawn by hand instead of typed.RightSignature also includes an online form builder, which lets recipients fill out more detailed contract information (phone number, address, and so on), handy if you’re looking to use your e-signature service to generate lots of boilerplate documents that need signatures, such as membership agreements for a gym or rental damage waivers. A dashboard is included. An iOS version is available. Plans range from free (very basic service) to $49 per month (unlimited service for 10 senders).Credit: PC Worldlast_img read more

SEACOM partners National Museums of Kenya to open SwahiliPOT hub in Mombasa

first_imgAdvertisement A new innovation hub is set to opened up in Mombasa.The project, known as SwahiliPOT will benefit the technology and cultural community thanks to a partnership between SEACOM, Cisco Systems and the National Museums of Kenya.The hub will be located in an office space donated by the National Museums of Kenya. – Advertisement – SEACOM Managing Director for Kenya Joseph Muriithi said Mombasa has been a pivotal part of SEACOM’s business since they established a point of presence here and wanted to give back to the local community by providing a service where they can experience broadband technology and utilize it to develop business ideas and other income generating project.The company will provide a 40Mb connection of their high-speed Internet Service for free and will also construct a perimeter wall between its landing station and the fort to secure the sea side.SEACOM will also host services to the hardware which is being provided by Cisco who were brought on board by the ICT Authority.last_img read more