Morata returned in Mestalla and already thinks of Liverpool

first_imgFourteen days after leaving the derby against Real Madrid with a muscular injury, Morata returned to play with Atlético. It was in Mestalla, it was part of a plan: the one that Simeone has for Tuesday’s game. Liverpool arrives at the Metropolitan, the first leg of the round of 16, the current champion, the coconut of this edition, as the last one was Juventus, then rival. Recovering your best striker in the season is key for the coach and his coaching staff. He is his player with the most goals, 10, he is also the player who, when the team is overwhelmed, allows him to leave. With space balls, air play, back football. He saw himself in the time he had in Valencia: he was about to score. Only Jaume prevented his powerful header, after a perfect center of Vrsaljko, did not end up on the net. The presence of Morata becomes vital, as will be that of Diego Costa, even without discharge after being operated on for a cervical disc herniation, and no minutes since last November 11. But his fury infects. A year ago it was the letter with which Simeone knocked Juventus down. The strikers divided the times. First the Hispanic-Brazilian, after the Madrid. They won the rojiblancos 2-0 the first tie. Simeone has two games without strikers, with Correa and Vitolo as points. Both against Granada and Mestalla. One won it, last night he tied it. He had not achieved victory in the league for a month. Alias ​​de Arias and Giménez alsoBut in Valencia Simeone not only recovered Morata, but also Santiago Arias, other of their positions more hit by injuries. Trippier operated from a pubalgia and almost immediately lost Arias, another muscle injury. Vrsaljko, who had been without an official match for 11 months after breaking his knee in his transfer to Inter, had to play. Vrsaljko played again in the derby against Madrid. Also Carrasco, as if this Athletic was the one from two years ago. The look back during the game that a week ago, in the Metropolitan against Granada was a drama, three kids plus Lemar, Carrasco and Saponjic. Yesterday no longer. Yesterday all the coach had behind were first team players, something is something. Vrsaljko, Hermoso, Lemar, Carrasco, Morata and Giménez. The last other high yesterday, the third. I could also return to Liverpool. Atlético tremble less when the ball is stopped when Commander He is in charge of the defense, with Felipe as the best partner next door.last_img read more

Dani Ramírez: “I was overwhelmed; I didn’t expect to have so many offers”

first_img“I am very happy for the place where I had to debut” What offer came first?First came the offer from Kazakhstan. It was a lot of money, but I don’t think it’s time to go to that kind of leagues. I don’t see it as important as Ekstraklasa. I do not tell you that with 32 years I will not look at him with good eyes, but I think I can still compete at a high level, try to play in Europe or win titles with Lech Poznan. Tomorrow I’ll see.Doesn’t it look in the MLS either?Nor was the time because I want to continue playing in Europe. For me, playing the group stage of the Europa League or the Champions League would be great. I have signed three and a half years here and I hope to do so with Lech Poznan. Tomorrow I don’t know what will happen. I get another MLS offer and I decide to accept it. But now I don’t think of anything other than playing in Poznan and winning titles with Lech.Niezgoda did not think about it and did go to Portland Timbers.Yes, and look I was young. I am 27 years old and could have said: ‘Come on, I’m going there and that’s it.’ But the two offers were economically very similar and I preferred to continue in Europe. Niezgoda has decided to go to MLS but I think, being so young, it’s a wrong decision. Returning from MLS to Europe is complicated. He knows.They say that without Dani Ramírez the LKS is second meat.That is nonsense because with me they were also last. I think that a player alone could not make or remain first or prevent them from being last. We had defensive problems, in every game we scored a minimum, and it was very difficult to win like that. They have now been reinforced. I was watching them the other day against Legia and I saw them quite well in defense. They had few occasions in attack, but they have reinforced well. Antonio Dominguez is a great player; Let’s see if Pirulo starts to score goals and is full of confidence. I think they are a better team than they are demonstrating and the position they are in. I hope they get out of there as soon as possible.What do you think of the Spanish reinforcements of the LKS?Very good very good. Carlos Moros is an experienced center. He likes to send, he likes to lead the team and I think he is going to give him a lot of seniority and temper in defense, which is something that the team needed. Samu Corral is a good striker: strong with a very good shot. He is used to playing in Segunda B in Spain, which is a fucking league, and I think that the moment he starts to see the door he will give the team a lot. Was it sad to leave?Both my wife and I were very sad to leave Lodz behind. It was a city to which we had adapted very well, we had it very controlled. I have had wonderful moments with the team. Ascend to Primera with a team for which nobody gave a hard was milk. But this opportunity has come to me and I have not let it escape. The soccer player’s career is very short. I am planning to go see them play soon, it is a team I hope to play next year at Ekstraklasa. I hope they are saved.The farewell was very emotional.The farewell was amazing. I expected to receive bad comments from people. The typical, manger and stuff. But they have understood that I am going to a better team and that I don’t just do it for money. If I had gone for money I would have gone to Kazakhstan, where they gave me more than double what I will charge in Poznan. I have come here because I think it is a step forward in my career and that I will compete at a higher level. But the farewell has been incredible. They have all behaved very well: the president, colleagues, fans … It has been wonderful. That’s why I want to go see them when I can. They deserve my love.The president even gave him a knife. Do you share hobby?No, as far as I know we don’t share hobby, I think he doesn’t like hunting. In fact I have never used a hunting knife, but he gave it to me and I have it at home as an ornament. Right now I am seeing it. It is a memory and I am very grateful because I did not expect it.LKS Lodz has one more fan then.Yes, it is also that we are not at the same level in the league. They fight for one thing; us for another. And we are not going to have to face. I no longer see them as rivals, so they will have my support in every game.Do you put a house in Poznan? And car?No, they don’t put me home. When you earn money they tell you to look for it yourself. When I was about to clear my wife came to Poznan by train and looked for an apartment. So I arrived directly from Lodz to the apartment. I am already in my new house installed. Nor do they put me in a car, but the club has an agreement with an automotive brand and I hope to have mine available in the next few days. In Lodz he used the tram to get around.In Lodz he had everything at hand and didn’t need a car at all, he didn’t even miss it. But in Poznan I am far from the stadium and far, far from the center. So I jump from the tram to the car out of necessity. I have been in Poland for three years and I already need it. Having it will improve my quality of life.Debuted marking with the subsidiary. How did you feel?Great. We played a mix between the subsidiary and the players who had been substitutes in the previous game of the first team. I, because I was sanctioned, could not enter the call, I played with them. I saw it well, so I could take minutes and start playing with some of my new teammates. And look, I premiered with a goal. I think I played well, I felt comfortable and, besides, the shirt fits me like a fucking mother. I’m very happy to be here, I go crazy for playing Sunday.He will debut in Krakow, where LKS has not done badly this season.I’m looking forward to the match against Krakow. With the LKS I have won both games and I have very good feelings against them. In his stadium I gave an assist and at home I scored a goal. I am very happy for the place where I can debut. I do not know how the game will turn out, but it is a rival that I have been good this season.He will also be willing to play in Poznan.Imagine … The Lech has a stadium that is a pass. 40,000 people enter. Play there, be able to score, celebrate with people … I’m looking forward to it. The pity of the LKS is that they are building the stadium, they can only put about 6,000 people and it falls short. Here in Poznan, when it is full there will be 40,000. The difference is brutal. At least they have two or three years of work left to close it and from then on I am sure that they will grow very much. “When I learned that Lech loved me I didn’t want to hear anything else” Dani Ramírez Lech Poznan & nbsp; (Facebook) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Dani Ramírez, during his presentation with Lech Poznan.Lech Poznan (Facebook) Dani Ramírez Poznan is in luck. The most representative team in the city, the Lech, made official only a few days ago the signing of one of the highest quality footballers of the Ekstraklasa, Dani Ramírez (Leganés, 1992). The Spanish aroused the interest of Kazakhstan and the MLS, but “it was not the time to go to those leagues.” Hours before his debut against Krakow, Ramírez attends AS to review how his first days are going on in Poznan. “I’m crazy for the game to come,” he confesses.How about the first days in Poznan?Perfect. It shows that Lech is a very big club. A powerful club in the country. The deal with me since day one has been milk. The partners have also treated me great. When you arrive at a club where they don’t know who you are, it’s harder for you to adapt. But here you know who I am. I have faced them and it has been very good since the first day.Was it clear that he would leave the LKS?I did not plan to leave, although I did know that I could have offers in winter because I was playing well and having good numbers. I knew that if a very good offer came I could accept it, but I played the entire first part of the season thinking that I would play until the end in the LKS.Several clubs asked for you. Did you expect so much interest?I was a little overwhelmed because I didn’t expect so much interest. You never want to think about the possibility of changing airs but I did not expect that, when the time came, there would be so many interested teams. But it was easy. When I learned that Lech wanted me to replace Darko Jevtic, which meant it was going to be important, I didn’t want to hear anything else. I am very grateful to all the clubs, but Lech is one of the three most important teams in Poland and I could not let him escape.last_img read more

Zidane ‘did internship’ with Guardiola

first_imgThe admiration is mutual. The compliments between the two flew from Manchester to Madrid and returned to the English city as soon as the result of the round of 16 of the Champions League was known. Asked by Zidane, Guardiola did not save praise: “When I left Barcelona I wanted to play in Juve with Zidane, but it could not be. I admire him and it is really good that this type of people is in football. It will be a pleasure to see him again” . Days later, Zizou returned the flowers: “I played against him many times. I respected him as a player and I respect him as a coach, because I think he is the best in the world. He has shown it throughout his career. “ This Tuesday, Zizou has insisted on hanging the poster of the best in the world to Santpedor.The Zidane caseZidane’s case and obtaining his UEFA Pro license was tricky. It all started with the complaint of Miguel Galán, representative of the Spanish coaches and director of CENAFE (National Training Center of Coaches), considering that the French worked as a technician of Castilla without having the title required by the RFEF to train in this category. “That Real Madrid is one of the most recognized institutions in the world and Mr. Zidane one of the symbols of this sport, does not exempt them from complying with the rules that bind us all,” said the complainant. Subsequently the National Committee of FEF trainers adhered to the complaint. The only Competition Judge disqualified the French for three months (the sanction was ratified by Appeal), but the TAD (Administrative Court of Sport) estimated the appeal of Madrid, annulled the punishment and allowed Zidane to continue training Castilla.Zizou, when he started in front of Castilla, had the UEFA ‘A’ License, equivalent to Level 2. The card was being taken out with the French federation, which required less time (just over two years) than in Spain, where obtaining it of the card in Spain extends over about six years (between theory and practice). In May 2015, it was Zidane himself who announced on Instagram that he already had the UEFA Pro Level 3 license required by the RFEF to be able to train from Third to First Division: “Very proud to complete and receive the diploma. Mission accomplished.” After a year he was coach of Real Madrid and raised the Eleventh. What came next is the golden history of Real Madrid: two more Champions, one League, two European Super Cups, two Club World Cups, one Spanish Super Cup … “We are inspired by what he did. That motivates us more, in any case we are not worried or afraid to play against Guardiola and his teams. I spent a few days with him when I was at Bayern, talking about training and how he manages a team and he was very sincere “Zidane said Tuesday when asked about that experience. For the first time since he is the first coach, Zinedine Zidane faces Pep Guardiola in an official match (faces were seen in the International Champions Cup), one of its inspiring sources when deciding to sit on a bench and one of the technicians with whom he did his ‘practices’. It was in Munich. While the title was being taken out (UEFA Pro Level 3 License), and while heading to Castilla, the Frenchman traveled to the German city and stayed there for two days to learn about Guardiola’s methods. Zizou He moved to Germany on March 24, 2015, after losing 2-1 with Lightning B, and he did it with two former teammates of the French team who were also obtaining the license: the former Madridista Makelele and Willy Sagnol, former Bayern player for eight years. French exfutbolistas Diomède, Claude Le Roy, Franck Thivilier and Guy Lacombe were also with them.It was not the first time that the coach of Castilla made a trip to soak up the training systems of other contrasted technicians. In December 2014 he was in Marseille to see Bielsa and previously moved to Lyon to carry out practices related to obtaining the license. Of course, the now first Real Madrid coach always showed admiration for Guardiola’s methods, as he made clear in an interview in Welt am Sonntag One month before traveling to Germany: “Guardiola is a great coach, I like how he works; he inspires me.”Zidane, in 2015, when he traveled to Munich to visit Guardiola.last_img read more

Naples summons its followers to the balconies

first_imgItaly has already almost a week locked up to limit the spread of COVID-19, which continues to grow especially in the north. The people of the country of the boot are getting used to these harsh measures, which only allow them to leave the house to make purchases, walk the dogs and for health or work reasons. In the last two days, however, in all cities A new tradition is being born to break the silence that has taken over the streets. Everyone looks out of windows and balconies to simply sing or make noise: It seems stupid, but it is a way to exorcise fear and overwhelm, inevitable in such an unusual and desperate situation. Naples, chaotic city by definition, was one of the first to show images with people singing from their homes songs in Neapolitan, Mameli’s hymn, or just making casseroles … And Naples, meanwhile, appealed his fans, whom he called this afternoon, at 19:45, to all sing together the song that of the ‘Curve B’ of their stadium became famous throughout the world (and who also uses Atleti’s hobby).last_img read more

Barcelona works with the plan to return on April 27

first_imgLikewise, the official announcement by Naples to resume training on March 25 has been very surprising within the club, especially because the situation in Italy is much more problematic than in Spain. It must be remembered that the Neapolitan team is the rival of Barça in the Champions League and that the second round remains to be played at the Camp Nou, where Setién’s men start with a relative advantage by achieving a draw (1-1) on the way. In the club they are very clear that the health of the players is above all and they will not make the decision to restart the activity until the authorities end the house confinement and those responsible consider that a sufficient period of extension has elapsed to restart the activities. After the announcement by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that the confinement will last fifteen days more than initially planned, at Barça they also began to modify the road map, aware that the situation is still going to be long and that the time that the players will have to continue working alone and at home will be a minimum of one month. The concern revolves around physical preparation. Who more or less is aware that what footballers are doing during the time of confinement is totally insufficient, especially if we talk about the needs of an elite player, since it is doing general maintenance.In fact, the forecasts that physical trainers have is that they will need a minimum of two weeks to recover their pre-coronavirus crisis status, as announced by AS. Taking into account that the initial schedule that LaLiga is studying is to start in mid-May, the specialists are working under the plan to start training next Monday, April 27. From the club it is recognized that it would be the most optimistic scenario, because today everything is pending on the evolution of the pandemic, but physical trainers are obliged to go ahead in events to prevent there from being a relaxation or a lack of intensity in the players work.last_img read more

No one can stop this Messi

first_imgNilmar: Espanyol played 75 minutes with one less man, but Villarreal did not know how to take advantage of it. Special attention deserves the case of the Brazilian Nilmar, who scored two goals on the second day but only has 10 points after being penalized four times with a -2. Its price is around € 5,500,000, and it doesn’t stop going down. Raúl: The eternal Madrid captain was a starter in his team’s win against Xerez, but he did not stand out too much and only obtained 2 points. The “problem” is that he has only scored one goal so far and has 13 points. Considering that it’s worth a few € 5,000,000, we can expect a little more from him. Sergio Canales: The Cantabrian already marked the last day, although his team could not pass the tie. On this occasion, his double did serve for Racing Santander to take the victory at Sánchez Pizjuán. Two authentic works of art that allow you to achieve 18 points. Leo Messi: Leo, Leo, and more Leo. Ten goals in the last five games that allow him to be the player with the most points in Biwenger and repeat as MVP of the day. 19 points has been achieved this time after his last hat trick.center_img From the Caves: He was not playing great games, but this day has become the true hero of his team with two great goals in a field in which it is always difficult to score as La Catedral is. His great performance allowed him to win Sporting and achieve 18 points this day.They can do moreForlán: Three goals and an assist in eight games are not excessively bad statistics, but the 21 points he has are. A very poor figure for a striker who has been a starter in all matches with Atlético de Madrid. Just -2 this day, but unexpected from a footballer with a price close to € 12,000,000 and that it should score better. No more adjectives to define Leo’s performances. Messi He gave a recital again, this time in Tenerife, and scored a hat trick that allows him to be the MVP for the second consecutive day. Of course, the Argentine was not alone, since he had the invaluable help in defensive tasks of a Victor Valdes who bolted on his goal, and Puyol, which was an impassable wall and even saw a door.Another win was the one that Málaga endorsed Atlético de Madrid 3-0. The Andalusian team was very confident in defense, with Jesus Gamez and Manu Torres As most outstanding men, the latter entering from the bench and scoring the second goal for his team. One of the matches of the day was the one that faced Getafe with Valencia. The Madrid team turned the result around to take the three points with a score of 3-1 thanks to the double of Manu del Moral and the both of Pedro León.Real Madrid prevailed over Xerez by the same score as Barça over Tenerife, although in this case playing at home. Cristiano Ronaldo He opened the account in the first minute and gave his team peace of mind making the second of the game. A huge Sergio Canales allowed Racing to surprise at home for Sevilla, who won 1-2 with two works of art from the youth team.Sporting de Gijón achieved the same result at the home of Athletic Club, and also with a clear protagonist: From the Caves. The man from Alicante scored both goals for his team in the second half to storm La Catedral. We only saw a bit in the victory of Mallorca in Pamplona, ​​but it was a great goal that had the signature of a Chory castro who is our last member of the Ideal XI of the day 8.MVPslast_img read more

The Atlético Foundation donates 20,000 masks in San Blas

first_imgBecause the coronavirus disaster started, there have been many initiatives by Atlético to combat in opposition to it, its two grains of sand.. From the marketing campaign sponsored by the Simeone household, #LoDamosTodo, to the switch of the kitchens of the Metropolitan Wanda to organize menus to produce essentially the most needy households. The final one is from as we speak and in addition has the rojiblanco stadium as its epicenter. As a result of this morning the president of Atlético, Enrique Cerezo, handed over to the resident councilor of the municipal district of San Blas-Canillejas, Martín Casariego, 20,000 masks donated by the rojiblanca Foundation to be distributed among the many individuals who stay in the environment of the Metropolitan Wanda.As well as, this supply, in addition, attended Mario Andranda, district coordinator; and the municipal advisers Javier Gámez and Eugenio Manzano and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO of Atlético with Enrique Cerezo. This supply has been doable because of Idan Ofer, shareholder of the membership, who managed the acquisition of an vital provide of hygienic masks and FFP2 to donate them to Atlético and its Foundation. Cherry: “These masks are a small gesture of thanks”“The San Blas neighborhood and its neighbors have welcomed us with open arms since we began the Wanda Metropolitano undertaking. The assist and collaboration offered by the San Blas-Canillejas District Board can also be important. These masks that we current to the Board as we speak are a small gesture of thanks for all this in these months in which the well being alert has additional unprotected deprived households in the neighborhood, “stated the president rojiblanco, in statements collected by the rojiblanca web site. “Atlético de Madrid, one among our most iconic and well-known neighbors in the world, with this gesture he exhibits his solidarity and makes us put on the colours crimson and white in our hearts“, thanked Martín Casariego.last_img read more

WI set to defy soaring temperatures in tour match

first_imgGEELONG, Australia (CMC):In the wake of heavy losses in their only two fixtures on tour, West Indies will look to defy soaring temperatures and make the most of their two-day match against the Victoria XI as they continue their build-up to the second Test match against Australia starting Boxing Day.Skipper Jason Holder said the match, which bowls off today (last night Jamaica time), would give all the batsmen a chance to get some time in the middle while offering the bowlers an opportunity to get acclimatised to the relative heat of the mainland – significantly warmer than the conditions experienced in the first Test in chilly Tasmania.The weekend forecast in Geelong is for 408C but Holder said his players were prepared for the dry heat at the Simonds Stadium.Officials at the stadium have brought in special cooling fans, as well as scheduled extra drinks breaks.”It’s just a matter of adapting. We played in some cooler conditions (in Hobart) and now we face warmer conditions,” Holder told members of the media here.”Many of us have played in the subcontinent and we all know that it can be quite humid as well, so I don’t think it will be anything we haven’t experienced.GOOD PITCH”It’s two days but we have to make the most of it. It’s what’s on the schedule and what we have to work with. We will get a chance for the batsmen to get in on what appears to be a good pitch. We have to make the most of the opportunity here.”West Indies have made a nightmare start to their tour in Down Under and are under immense pressure to improve ahead of the Melbourne Test starting in just over a week’s time.They lost their opening four-day tour match to a Cricket Australia XI by 10 wickets and then were hammered inside three days by an innings and 212 runs in the opening Test in Hobart.Holder said the two-day match would also be key opportunity for his bowling staff to make the necessary changes ahead of the BoxingDay contest.”On the bowling side, we have done a lot of bowling in the nets, so this will serve as a chance to get a few things right in the middle,” the 24-year-old said. “We will look at the plans we have for the MCG Test, which is what we’re working towards.”last_img read more

Lothian wants greater support for table tennis

first_imgTable Tennis Jamaica (TTJ) President Godfrey Lothian has made a call for greater support from corporate entities, following the country’s third-place finish in Division Three at the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Perfect World Team Champion-ships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, recently, which also saw the Jamaicans jumping from Division Five to their current status in three years.In 2014, in Japan, the Jamaica team of Michael Hyatt, Kane Watson, Simon Tomlinson and Chris Marsh swept all before them to take the Division Five crown.Starting out at Division Four this time around, the Jamaicans won all their four group matches, before moving on to the quarter-finals where they defeated the United Arab Emirates 3-0.In the semi-finals, the Jamaicans lost to Pakistan.TOO HOT FORPANAMAHowever, the Caribbean team was too much for Panama in the bronze-medal match, as they beat the Central Americans 3-0 to claim third spot and a place in Division Three for the next championship.”In three years, we have moved up two divisions. We have moved from fifth to fourth to third [division], and that is unprecedented. So things are happening in table tennis, and we should be rewarded with some strong support,” Lothian commented.”We see that we can have success in the sport. This [sport] is not just for Asian and European countries. Countries from Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular, Jamaica, can have success, but we need corporate Jamaica to see table tennis as a sport they can invest in.”They (corporate community) need to see it as a sport that can draw large support as it can be played any and everywhere. We also have a lot of new activities coming on board that we just want support for,” he continued.Lothian was also full of praise for the country’s representatives – Hyatt, Watson and Mark Phillips – who won the bronze at the championship, and noted that there were many more youngsters on the rise.”I am elated! This is great because success has been achieved, so we are overwhelmed,” beamed Lothian.”They (players) really did Jamaica proud. We have other youngsters coming up, so we have a face now of five, six players, so things are looking good for table tennis,” he added.last_img read more

CPLT20: not all that glistens is gold

first_img a waste of money The Caribbean Premier League T20 has been going the rounds in the region for the past three years attracting huge crowds on its way. It has been almost like the Pied Piper. A few weeks ago, however, the highly respected cricket journalist, Tony Cozier wrote that the CPLT20 may not return to Barbados, and just over one week ago, an Australian director of the CPL, implored the people and the private sector of Jamaica to support it. The reason it may not return to Barbados, according to Cozier, is that despite the full houses at Kensington Oval, the CPLT20 has been losing money. According to CEO, Damien O’Donohue, and COO, Pete Russell, unless the government comes up with at least US$1 million, it probably will not be back, not if another territory comes with the money. And the director’s plea for help from Jamaica is along the same lines, in spite of the full houses at Sabina Park ever since the start of the CPL in 2013. The CPLT20, as popular as it is, is not making the sort of money it anticipated. According to the organisers, the CPLT20 spent some US$166 million around the region last year, it spent the money on things like players’ fees, grounds, hotel, air and ground transport, entertainers – music, dancing girls, and fire-eaters, officials, and promotion, and it created a lot of jobs in the process as well as promoting the tourism industries around the region. In return, according to their figures, the CPLT20, which attracted 220,000 spectators to the matches and earned US$47 million from it last year after beaming the matches to 65 million people around the world, is losing money. To them, it is only fair that since the television revenue and the live audiences cannot pay the bills, the territories should fall in line and pay their share for the benefits, the enjoyment, and the exposure they receive. And that seems only reasonable. The problem, however, is this: cricket, it is said, is a business, and in a business, it is not wise to spend more than it is possible to earn. And, based on the crowds which generally attend the matches, based on the admission fees to the matches, it seems the people cannot afford the matches, unless it is paid for by television. On top of that, West Indies cricket has been suffering from the lack of funds for a good while now, the grounds have been empty for a long time now. West Indies cricket needs support – it needs money. West Indies cricket is run by a group of volunteers, or it is supposed to. It would seem that if the governments were to ensure that any cricket survives, that were they to give money to anyone – if they had it to give – they would give it to save its own cricket run by its own people. It would seem that the people and governments of the West Indies, even if they could, would not rescue the CPLT20, a privately-owned endeavour, and not their own, not what they themselves have called the only unifying force in the West Indies. What is interesting is that, according to the CPLT20, Antigua dropped out last year because they could not make up the difference and were replaced by St Kitts and Nevis which paid $7 million for five years to join the party. What is also strange about that is that, according to CPLT20, every other territory paid a similar amount of money for a similar time in order that they can have the privilege of hosting the CPLT20. Seven million dollars for four matches each year is quite a lot of money, especially for poor countries like Jamaica and Barbados. Countries where the important needs are things like education, health, and housing, food and security. low revenue It is a waste of money, except from it can come enough money to assist in the funding of education, health, and housing, food and security. The West Indies board has been criticised time and time again for not spending enough money to promote the game and to build the game, money which it never had. The CPLT20, however, spends a lot of money each year. Apart from spending a lot of money on the players, it spends a lot of money on music, dancing girls, fire-eaters, prizes, and promotion. West Indies cricket does not have that type of money to spend, and so it has to survive on volunteers and to depend on cricket making new friends and winning back old friends. Although West Indies cricket is now based on a bidding system for the right to stage a Test match, and even though the territories have put up $7 million per season to host the CPL. West Indies cricket has to depend on the governments of the region to say no to those who would wish to come in and make money and then, when they spend too much, when they do not make enough money, turn around and ask the poor governments of poor people to help balance the books. The CPL is their show, and although the governments have a responsibility to provide entertainment for the people, the governments of the region have nothing to do with it. It is as simple as that. Another T20 tournament, the Champions League T20, has been cancelled this year, it was the tournament which brought together teams like the top teams of the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash, the NatWest T20 Blast, and the CPL, and it has been cancelled because of lack of interest by the spectators and by the broadcasters. The CPLT20 is an exciting tournament, and, with all its attractions and good intentions, it is good for cricket. It brings back the crowd. It may, however, be too big for the West Indies. The West Indies, the poor West Indies and its people simply cannot afford it as a cricket attraction. The West Indies, Jamaica and Barbados, Antigua, and Guyana, and others will just have to play cricket as they know it. The West Indies cannot hang its hat where it cannot reach it. The 18th century is a long way back, but as Thomas Gray wrote back then, “Not all that tempts your wandering eyes and heedless hearts is lawful prize, nor all that glistens, gold.”last_img read more