The education project brand competitive market needs

education market has great prospects for development, this is as everyone knows things, especially in the countries to relax two-child policy, and to the education market has injected new vitality. There are reports that China’s education projects to join the market economy reached 960 billion yuan. The education project to join nearly trillion market cake spawned a public education project competition, and the most effective way is to expand the business for cake. At present, the major local educational institutions to take the expansion of the main model has two – straight camp and join, how to choose the two business models?

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The wall ten brands list


in house decoration, the wall is not a few parts, because of this, now on the market only has a lot of tiles brand. As the name suggests is the wall decoration on the wall materials, suitable for outdoor balcony, kitchen, Restroom. According to the material can also be divided into brick tiles and brick wall brick etc.. How to get value for money, one tile also has certain knowledge. Choose a good brand and price is an important step in understanding the wall tile selection; then, what is a wall ten brand list? Let’s look at the following xiaobian. read more

Shop location should follow what rules

shop location is a very critical process, but many people do not know the location of the skills, and therefore tend to enter some errors. So shop location should follow what rules? Here we give some analysis of some of the site skills, I hope we can harvest.

it calmed the values

called the "farce retreat" is to determine the location, according to the shop location, select the district crowded, frequent commercial activities, avoid the remote environment. "Values" is the store located point as the center outward extension of a distance, a circular ring consumption using this distance to a radius. Traffic conditions, terrain and geographical scenery, the characteristics of the activities of the customer and the customer’s income are the factors that determine the business district. read more

Suning com after the great leap forward speed reduction refers to transfer risk to the supplier

January 20th, Suning red children "in 2013 one million pregnant mother baby love tour started in Beijing, this is Su Ning in September 2012 to $66 million acquisition of the electricity supplier for the first time since the red child, held a joint marketing activities. The two sides will work together to conduct a comprehensive development in maternal and child market, executive vice president Li Bin said the red child to Paul at the end of 2013 sales target to achieve 3 billion yuan. read more

Shop operators to help you break the micro Amoy affiliate marketing

micro Amoy as Taobao to seize the mobile phone tools, though with more like that but has shown him the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, unique charm. In the promotion of Taobao big sellers, micro Amoy marketing capabilities have also been verified. As a small seller, lack of liquidity, making marketing operations weak, looking for new breakthroughs. Micro clean and seamless combination of shops, can be said to be small sellers of the gospel, can be a good solution to operating costs. These are reflected in the micro scouring the impact of membership marketing. read more

2012 successful completion of the annual meeting of the board was the best mobile nternet applicati

seventh annual meeting of the Chinese Internet owners in April 7th at the Beijing International Conference Center was successfully held, more than 4000 owners, the guests and the more than and 200 for the reporter to participate in this conference. Among them, the good bean recipes with the focus on the food industry, the successful selection of the seven annual 2011~2012 Internet annual selection activities, and eventually won the best mobile Internet application title.

it is understood that a good bean recipes is a good bean network’s mobile APP applications, has launched the iPhone version, Android version, which iPhone version also applies to ipad. At present, a good bean recipes downloaded over one million, the user base covering the country, is now the most popular food class, life class mobile applications. read more

Wang Hai Jingdong occupation fake people suspected of bribery ndustrial and Commercial Bureau chie

news October 12th, known as "Wang Hai some time ago is still playing the title of occupation Dummies" called red rice Note2 users Sue screen false propaganda, causing no small storm. And now he was eyeing the Jingdong, Jingdong exposed suspected of bribery, Beijing Development Zone Branch Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer protection chief "0 yuan shopping" message.

the afternoon of October 10th, Wang Hai in micro-blog’s Jingdong real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing mall said, "civil servants as Industrial and Commercial Bureau Jingdong Mall Office staff in Industrial and Commercial Bureau handling consumer complaints; Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau Development Zone Branch of consumer protection chief Wang Moufeng in the Jingdong shopping mall free", and posted the relevant evidence in the report. read more

Ma signed a cooperation agreement with the Thai Prime Minister Ali to enter the electricity supplier

Beijing on December 9th news, according to foreign media reports, Alibaba global expansion plan to take a step forward. Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Ji Ji visited the headquarters of Alibaba, with Ma signed a two agreement between the Thailand government and Alibaba in the field of e-commerce cooperation agreement.

said in a statement on Thursday that it will provide digital technology training services to 3 Thailand SMEs and 10 thousand individuals, and to help enhance the supply chain and logistics services in Thailand. read more

Ali holding behind Celestica goods through the world Huitong

the evening of October 9th, the industry suddenly heard a heavy news: Alipay’s parent company, Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd will invest 1 billion 180 million yuan to subscribe Celestica fund registered capital of 262 million 300 thousand yuan, accounting for 51% of the share capital after the completion of. In fact, Ali Holdings Celestica fund as early as expected, coupled with the already had the force of Ali small loan business, capital into a one, Ali has become a real commercial bank. read more

2011 Jiangsu nternet webmaster conference live video

2011 Jiangsu Internet webmaster General Assembly will be "innovation and win-win cooperation" as the theme, the general assembly as a fundamental principle and guiding ideology, invited senior experts over the Internet for many webmaster of the present and the future of the Internet, explore innovation industry website, cooperation in the development of e-commerce and other topics.

the conference will provide a platform for the IT industry, invite concerned about Jiangsu Internet development network company responsible person and webmaster, around the advanced Internet technology, Internet products, services and Internet business topics such as how to fusion through service innovation, model innovation, technological innovation and traditional industry deeply discussion and exchange, participants and participants will discuss the direction of positive interaction, get more benefits for the traditional use of the Internet industry, to provide more ideas for the Internet industry companies, to promote the progress and development of the Internet industry. read more

Alibaba the acquisition of high moral map leveraging to create O2O

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on February 11th

Alibaba group (hereinafter referred to as Alibaba) shares a high German just 9 months after the new action. Alibaba announced last night will be $1 billion 100 million cash acquisition of High German company 72% shares, once the transaction is completed, will become the High German Alibaba, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group, which is expected to become the first Internet industry this year blockbuster deal.

these transactions marks the Chinese Internet BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) three giants have all personally into the map area. Previously, Alibaba group in May 2013 to $294 million strategic investment in high german. read more

Effective promotion method of enterprise website

how to promote their products through the website is the thing these bosses are considering and looking forward to, and often deal with some small businesses. On the site have a common specific requirements: Baidu search product keywords as far as possible before the first two pages of this problem is indeed a problem for many novice. In fact, if not to think, any problems are likely to be difficult; and sometimes as long as the little mind, will find very easy to fix by observation and Pondering over a period of time, he found this 3 tips in enterprises (especially small businesses) using promotion website: read more

Today’s headlines algorithm for Wang Zhengrang media into the content of workers

Abstract: they can only be reduced to the content of the workers, for the proposed algorithm to provide a steady stream of topics grab grab material.

London, England, the independent newspaper in March 26, 2016 issued a final paper version, after the full transition to digital products (photo: visual China)

Because the

founder Zhang Yiming in an interview once again reiterated that "no editor" and "algorithm without values", on the recommendation of today’s headlines algorithm for noise again, even the "people’s Daily" jump out "algorithm called more popular" editor "; and just from pea pods away, new the title of" Light Mount magazine co-founder Wang Junyu also issued in the know, tit for tat that "technology is the values, depending on what you want to do". read more

Zhang Xiaolong’s ambition Refactoring web with a small program

Abstract: small program, is a small site. And WeChat, like a browser.

years ago, Zhang Xiaolong wrote a software: Foxmail.

software this year, there are millions of users, which is a considerable amount of time, because then there are only tens of millions of equivalent scale users.

I am a very loyal user, because until today, I still use Foxmail.

but there is reason to believe that the use of the client (software) to send and receive e-mail users, more and more, has changed to use web to send and receive mail. read more

The once well known nternet Co behind in the mobile era

[Abstract] people network, network, network, list Yideng Jinti, cool easou, hurry up 8, to more than 114 PC classified information website known, has become synonymous with "traditional", now want to say is, how to keep up with the fast pace of their mobile internet.

recently, classifieds site Ganji announced the completion of a new round of financing, a total of more than $200 million. As a kind of vertical life service platform, 58 city Ganji is the new "winner", while the other tens of thousands of classified information website is still in many of the classified information website for the market "cake", or waiting for death. read more

Li Jing ‘m a cornered female product manager

text / gold wrong knife (WeChat public number ijincuodao)

Li Jing is the case guest president of micro innovation camp seventh, my annual keywords "cornered" is derived from Li Jing.

she’s a product manager’s man. Her cornered is embodied in the 3 sentence:

1, I do not know the company needs a lawyer, financial and accounting to separate I do not know. I have always thought that a person can, in fact, many are from the lessons to learn, we can go today is because the product is good enough, people are passionate enough. read more

Second hand mobile privacy gray interest chain data has been deleted half an hour can be restored

a number of second-hand mobile phone recycling shops operating a wide variety of

The average number of mobile phone

every day for 602 thousand and 14 years. The number is expected to reach 220 million replacement

second-hand mobile phone market buying and selling private interest in the formation of a chain of gray interest reporter experience: deleted phone data within half an hour resurrection

is afraid of privacy streaking public old mobile phone resting at home

/ reporter Tian Yuchen Intern Zhang Aobo ginger Guowen figure read more

Tencent business Chronicle in from C2C to B2B2C blindly follow

[core] Tencent electricity supplier after the defeat of the pat C2C, followed by Taobao launched a number of brands behind the B2B2C business, but still did not achieve the desired results.

editor’s note: Tencent IM started in the portal, SNS, games and other fields have gained a larger market share, but in the field of electricity supplier has been unknown. Today, the Tencent’s business has been cultivated for 8 years, from the seed project C2C pat Network to 08 years B2B2C platform QQ Mall for 05 years, from e-commerce business into B2 business line to the birth of QQ online shopping to the last independent spin off is given greater strategic significance. Since 2013, Tencent electricity supplier has frequently appeared in the public eye. read more