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Some skills of rural supermarket chain store design

is now in the rural areas has a very broad social resources in rural areas, at the same time, because the business is not very developed, and the whole social commodity market demand is very large, so set up in rural areas, some supermarket chains are very profitable.

2005 in February, the Ministry of Commerce in the country launched the "million rural village market project" construction, sounded the clarion call to enter the rural supermarket chains.   6  over the years, supermarket chains in rural areas have been greatly developed, so that farmers enjoy the convenience of modern commercial circulation and benefits, but also for operators to bring a certain amount of income. read more

Real Kung Fu Restaurant so many advantages

market is how to form, is the formation of the supply of consumer demand, as long as there is demand there will be market. How to do the market saturation, the creation of features to attract consumers, which is a key move, but also a winning step. Catering venture capital is also so.

Kung Fu Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, the number of outlets and the scale of development in the country are more, is China’s most influential brand of Chinese fast food. Kung Fu in 1997, independent research and development of computer controlled steam cabinet, the world’s first to overcome Chinese standardization problems, explore a new road of development of Chinese fast food, Chinese food industry has realized the "industrialization" and "no cook" and "thousands of food quality of a long cherished wish. More than and 20 years, Kung Fu created Chinese fast food three standard operation system: logistics production standardization, cooking equipment standardization, restaurant operation standard, in three aspects of quality, service, cleanliness, fully in line with international standards. Since the first restaurant, real Kung Fu has been the main steam products featuring Chinese fast food. With the "standard" on the intensive and meticulous farming from the birthplace of Dongguan, Kung Fu, since 1999, has stationed in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha more than and 30 city, becoming a national chain of the development of Chinese fast food enterprises. So how do you join read more

Temple fair selling skewers rich

summer food market is the most attention is the string. Although it is only a relatively small number of investment projects, but the profit space is amazing. An entrepreneur in Beijing temple fair selling skewers, the successful realization of wealth dream. Let me have a look at his rich experience.

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Love apartment 5 suspected shooting makers can meet

"love apartment" TV series is the favorite of young people, but also to cultivate a large number of audience favorite, but also a very good actor. Therefore, the recent love apartment 5 suspected of shooting the news has been concerned about the netizens, creative people who can not gather the focus has become the focus of attention.

4 on the evening of 2 August, "love apartment" in the play Mika Li Jinming bursts of two micro-blog, micro-blog revealed the details of suspected "love apartments 5" will be shooting information. Li Jinming’s first micro-blog looks like a "love apartment," the script, which not only shows a "love" word, the upper right corner, as well as screenwriter Wang Wei, Director Wei Zheng name. Wang Yuan and Wei Zhengzheng are the writers and directors of "love apartment" series. Second micro-blog was only one self, but the self as the special background of Hu Yifei and her family, and the other is "love apartment" in the other similar Mika, a lot of friends that love apartment 5 will start shooting. read more

Lining had to rely on his own efforts to get out of the woods

we know whether it is a person, or a process, can not be smooth sailing, there is a peak, there is a trough. Therefore, the frustration of life is inevitable. The following Xiaobian for everyone to answer how Lining should get rid of the dilemma.

introduction of investment fund is an important means to help get rid of the dilemma, but Lining is really out of the woods have to rely on their own efforts.

by the decline in performance trapped Lining has finally ushered in a good news, has a wealth of operational experience and talent of the retail industry as a strategic investor into the capital of Lining TPG. TPG will provide strategic and operational support for the development and growth of Li Ning Co, the good news so that Lining shares rose 21% in the subsequent trading days of two. read more