The user experience from the user perspective

3, customer service

, what is the user experience of

user experience in the Shanghai dragon, or in marketing is the user wants to understand the relevant information of a product, we want users to do these things, to improve the user’s impression and feeling, this is the user experience. So we should go to "how to improve the user experience?".

unique website style, novel to show the way, but to the brand’s logic based, of course, the path is to learn, business platform of the page to show the way, we can learn from. read more

Thinking about the user experience factors for Shanghai Dragon Wings

page, the key lies in the simple and beautiful. The so-called simple, not what is superfluous, can make people more easily find what they need. Simple ", also can significantly reduce the volume of the page, and then shorten the opening time. As for appearance, with simple cooperation. Not simply to look good and use a lot of big picture, JS or even FLASH, pop this kind of thing even if doing more beautiful but also very few people will love. Of course, there is a pretty basic requirement, that is normal display page. Some sites did not do a good job in the early days of production, CSS compatibility is poor, almost only normal display in IE6, to IE8, the Firefox browser will become unrecognizable. This page will be what users see the hearts of what kind of feeling? May I describe is not good, but the feeling is certainly not beautiful. read more

How should we treat and do Shanghai Longfeng right

? I’m going to buy a computer in the city of iPad

if you’re doing it, you should know that this is not natural. The search engine will know that this is not natural. So how to let your natural anchor text? It is not to go with this problem. The role of the anchor text is the core content of the page to tell search engines represented by the link, but the 100 Hamlet will recommend the same anchor text?

is done in 2012 for the Shanghai Phoenix the most impressive thing, may be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel first thought is responsible for their own optimization site is love Shanghai drop right or K off, if in 2012 as the Shanghai dragon we learned what is love, then in Shanghai to help us grow at the same time, the search engine itself is also growing. read more

Analysis of the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng preparations

a good website structure plays an indispensable role in the process of Shanghai dragon, good website structure can make the search engine on your site like a plus, careful arrangement of website content, directory and file structure.

a good domain name or web content is closely related with the domain name, the user can easily remember. In addition users love fast web site, choose the space should be stable, open faster, do not choose the punishment space, it would be best to have their own independent server. Now the page loading speed has become one of the factors affecting the rank of nobility baby. read more

How to make the article quickly indexed by search engines

from the known to the article was collected, then the search engine crawler to grab the article can, of course, the search engine crawlers also affects the frequency of sites included speed, if every search search engine crawlers only again, it is to the rapid collection it is difficult. So we have to continue to attract search engine crawlers to crawl our website, of course, in order to attract more search engine crawler is a chain, a chain of search engine crawlers will come to our site for the capture, and the search engines crawl crawl frequency will gradually increase, which is also able to promote the article included the speed. read more

How to make web content quickly be included

again: to have the website update frequency. For a stable site every day, the spider will come to your station, and will be very good frequency to your station. So to the website content can be quickly collected, the last is to ensure that updates can have a proper frequency, before that spider every time to your site you have good things waiting for it, so in the spider to your website is content to crawl. To ensure the update frequency of the website is the premise of website content to be included. The site can ensure a stable updated once a week, so the content will be the spider included, which is the site of the update frequency. read more

Don’t put your ideas confines the original content on Enterprise Station

on the continuation of the "love Shanghai earthquake", the official explanation is "love Shanghai for low quality site measures" and the definition of "low quality sites refer to: no original or false original website," love Shanghai in such extreme way reiterated the "content is king", that in the future all website promotion (including Shanghai dragon) must return to the promotion of basic content.

is the key to the "do not put their own ideas, the vast majority of Enterprises Limited" website without content, because we have our own ideas is limited, because we do not know enough for the industry, and not really no content. read more

Five strokes teach you to optimize your website title double flow

the Shanghai dragon there have been two years, long-term observation found that: 80% the site title is rubbish, 15% Title reluctantly, only 5% of the title is relatively excellent, let a person look askance. Why is this? Because our website for the title of Shanghai Longfeng responsible person did not pay attention to! But in fact, the title is not only a row of words. The title is a window, is advertising, is the most basic entrance to attract users to click! Hard to bring up, but because the poor do not click on title and flow, so the results you want? The author to sum up the experience of five strokes teach you to optimize your website title, traffic doubled. read more

Google plans to launch a children’s version of the search engine and browser

Diwangi said: "we want to do after much consideration. This will provide a suitable tool for parents to understand their children’s use of our products."

Beijing time on December 4th morning news, Google vice president of Engineering Pafuni · Diwangi (Pavni Diwanji) said that Google plans to launch a child friendly version of the most popular products under the flag to bring fun to use and safety for children.


Google spokesman declined to comment, but confirm this news is accurate. (Wei Jin read more

A tree the optimization techniques of Shanghai Longfeng analysis single page

code must be reduced. Single page optimization requirements each page code must streamline, don’t mix too much redundant code inside, try to search a simple code.

4. keywords bold code such as: < b> Keyword< /b> < stong> Keyword< /stong>, bold keywords. The frequency is not too high, and in the choice of keywords in bold main keywords is preferred.


3. < H1> < website; /H1> < H2> < /H2> < H3> < /H3> Tags (H tags) use. In the optimization process of most sites, with reduced H tag, the page will have little to use H tags, but the optimization process of a single page, H tag role is relatively large. read more